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Vet for Vulture

As part of Vulture awareness campaign, International Vulture Awareness Day was celebrated at Damodaran Hall, VCRI Namakkal, Tamil Nadu on 04/09/2014.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Doraisamy, Deen of the VCRI. During his inaugural speech, he mentioned about veterinarians’ roles in revival of this species and observed that “Tower of Silence” are silence now without Vultures.

Vet for vultureAbout 150 veterinary students and five Professors actively participated in this programme.  Welcome speech was given by Dr. Dharmacheelan of VCRI

The chief guest Dr. Parcy Avari, Assistant Professor, Veterinary College, Mumbai elaborately and scientifically addressed among the gathering about Vultures decline and its importance in the ecosystem. 

He also explained about the testing procedures done on various drug. Only Meloxicam drug passed the drug safety test. Students were very enthusiastic and posed various questions to the chief guest. 

 Signature campaign was initiated among the participants and all of them participated in the event with interest.

S.Bharathidasan, Secretary, Arulagam spoke about the importance of International Vulture Awareness Day and urgent action to be taken by the stakeholders. He also mentioned about Vulture in Tamil sangam Literature and Ramayana.  He also welcomed the gathering to join friends of Vulture Group.

Diclofenac ban order, Prescription pad with anti-diclofenac message and brochure on vultures were distributed to the audience.  Banner with conservation messages on Vultures were displayed all around the hall. 

The programme was jointly organized by VCRI, Namakkal and Arulagam with the support of CEPF, SAVE and OBC. This event was coordinated by Arulagam team namely, R.Venkitachalam, Research Biologist, P. Arunagiri, Sociologist, Ramesh, Co-ordinator.

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Dr. Ullas KaranthProtecting the tigers also involves the conservation of vast stretches of land, protecting the ecosystem and more. The success of the Project Tiger has been uneven in our country. The progress we have made is commendable but given the manpower, the genius and the talent that exists in India, we should be doing so much more.

Dr. Ullas Karanth