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Human Chain Rally @Punsai Puliampatty Against Diclofenac



Date : 06th Feb,2014            Place : Puliampatti Market          Time : 10.30 - 11.30 AM

Arulagam with the support of CEPF and in co-ordination with TamilNadu Forest Department is working towards the conservation of Vultures. As part of the ongoing conservation work, human chain rally against the use of Diclofenac,a banned drug for Cattle happened at Puliampatti. Accepting our invitation, Bhavani sagar MLA Mr.P.L.Sundharam presided over the function while Mr.P.A.S.Anbu, Punsai puliampatti President inaugurated the function. Mr.P.Selvam, District Panchayat Head,Erode also participated in the function. Various environmentalists and nature lovers participated in the event.So as to emphasize the importance of Vultures, their importance to the environment & human beings and also to inform the people about their plight especially to Cattle owners, the function was held at Puliampatti Weekly market. On behalf of Vulture conservation team Mr.Kalyanasundaram welcomed the gathering. Mr.Venkitachalam, Researcher explained to the people about Vulture conservation.In tamil, Paaru means Vultures and the words were used by tribals. Bill boards and banners were placed at various places in and around the propaganda areato attract and drum beat the importance of Vultures and shun the banned drug Diclofenac for cattle. Pamphlets were also distributed to the people requesting the people to stop administering Diclofenac for cattle. Mr.Paraman,Arulagam Sathyamangalam co-ordinator arranged for the function.

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