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As a part of nature conservation activity, Arulagam is actively working on regeneration of native, endemic and rare flora. We have classified various plants based on biodiversity importance, economic & utility value and aesthetic sense. We have classified the plants for your convenience below.

  1. Bees, Butterflies and Birds attracting species of plants
  2. Plants that can reduce dust and noise pollution in education institutions, industries, hospitals and offices.
  3. Plants that can withstand drought
  4. Plants meant for gardens, parks, temples and public places.
  5. Trees meant for furniture, doors and windows.
  6. Plants meant for fodder, fuelwood, biofuel, energy plantation.
  7. Plants meant for herbal medicine
  8. Plants based on Ecosystem types
  9. Fruit bearing plants
  10. Flowering plants
  11. Palm trees
  12. Food plants for wild elephants and ungulates.
Above classified plants are available for sale with us. We invite you to join with us in green activities.