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We are a non-profit organization working towards the conservation of fauna and flora in Tamil Nadu. We established the organization in 2002 to cherish the fond memory of Mr. Arul Moli, who passed away in 2001 due to heart ailments. Arul inspired many of his friends to conserve nature for the survival of all the living beings. Arulagam was named after him. The organisation was started to conserve nature with people's active participation in the field. We concentrate on the conservation of the ecosystem by protesting against practices that affect our land, water, air.

Every form of life and it's ecosystem is unique, warranting respect through its worth to mankind. We must be guided by a moral code of action for the sustenance of nature and its resources. Nature should be respected and its essential processes should not be impaired. Human beings have a special responsibility to safeguard and wisely manage the heritage of wildlife and its habitat, which are now gravely imperiled by a combination of adverse factors.

Arulagam is working to build up the capacity of various stakeholders for nature conservation, including wildlife and coastal environment through field and research based participatory action programme.


Arulagam visualizes “an environmentally conscious society for protecting and conserving the nature to ensure sustainable development”


“Nature conservation with people’s active participation through field based action, research, education, campaign and advocacy efforts”